You can furnish the kitchen with different types of fridges. However, a purchase might not equal convenience. There are many fridge options in the market, which makes choosing the right appliance a very difficult job. With the refrigerator guide today, we will help you choose the best option, so your cooking is made easier.

What is a side by side fridge?

A side by side fridge has two doors that are located at the front. The name implies the placement and design of the doors. One door unlocks the regular refrigerator department. On the other hand, the second opens the freezer. Unfortunately, the side by side design does not have drawers or doors in the lower half.

The design of the fridge was introduced in the late 1940s and has continued to be the preferred design among bigger families. You will find it in expensive kitchens around the world. With two compartments, you can fit in protein, fruits, and condiments safely.

Midea 584L Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

Experience Luxury with Innovative Features

You can learn more about the features before buying the side by side fridge options. The appliance is a significant investment. Therefore, you can cross check the features with the below-listed options.

Energy efficient

A side by side fridge is very energy efficient. The appliance is supported by government-related systems that promote sustainability and safe living. It will give you an estimation of energy consumption and operation costs. The appliance will consume less power which means less utility bills.

Organic Produce

The compartments in the side by side fridges are designed to keep the vegetables and fruits very crisp. The trays are air-sealed so the humidity does not enter. The skin remains crisp with excellent taste. The design will keep the food fresh for a very long time.

Adjustable Bins

You can customize the bins on the doors to befit the interiors to your needs. The bins are narrow so that you can adjust them on the fridge doors easily. They are excellent for storing drinks, water bottles, and beverages. You can also store ketchup, mustard, ranch, and mayo bottles.


Side by side fridges have drawers that have different temperatures for easy arrangement of foods. They are successful solutions to keep fruits, vegetables, and corn separate from each other. Moreover, the fridge looks neat whenever guests or children open the doors.


Modern fridges have connectivity options. In other words, you can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect the fridge with phones and other devices. As a result, you can control the temperature. The application will also notify you each time someone opens the doors. You can operate the fridge from your phone to prevent late night, sugary snacks that are bad for health.

Narrow design

One of the best features of side by side fridges is the narrow design. The doors are in a reversible position which means they can open in limited space. You can watch freely in the kitchen without bumping into corners. The sleek design makes it easy to open doors repeatedly as well.

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