LED bathroom mirrors have built-in illumination with two categories. You can install backlit mirrors or lighted mirrors that offer the same functions. However, the difference is where the LED lights are positioned.

If you pick the backlit options, the lights are installed behind the glass. On the other hand, lighted mirrors have bulbs on top of the glass. You may notice their presence underneath the glass surface as well.

Whichever design you pick, LED bathroom mirrors will offer sufficient help for makeup or getting ready in the morning. The mirrors are powered by electricity and have unique features that will make your bathroom the uniqueness it needs to stand out.

Gunmetal Framed LED bathroom Mirror

How to clean an LED bathroom mirror?

If you are confused about which material to pick, the most successful and convenient option is a microfiber cloth. The material does not result in lint. At the same time, it will absorb moisture and water effectively. A microfiber cloth dries quickly, so you can use it to clean the mirror multiple times.

If you do not have a microfiber cloth, you can pick cotton balls, a cleaner, or rubbing alcohol. A solution of water and vinegar of the same amounts will clean the mirror instantly. Here is how to clean a bathroom mirror with LED technology.

Disinfect with alcohol

Collect grime, dirt, and minute splatter you may have seen on the glass surface. Pour a few drops of alcohol on cotton balls. The alcohol-soaked cotton will remove the dirt and give the mirror a new look.

Use a glass cleaner

After you have wiped the alcohol from the mirror, spray it with a glass cleaner. You can also use the homemade solution mentioned above. Mist at the surface not at the lights. Furthermore, do not overspray, or the mirror will streak.

Wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Fold the cloth four times to maximize the surface area. Start by wiping from the top right corner of the mirror. Now, make your way to the left corner. In the next motion, wipe from top to bottom. Using a zig-zag motion means there are no streaks.

Sometimes, the mirror is still blurry. You can use the other side of the cloth to wipe the mirror. It will get rid of moisture left behind. Use the same wiping pattern.

Check the mirror

You may check for markings and dirt by looking at the mirror from different angles. If spots are still left, you can repeat the entire process of glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

What not to do?

You must not use abrasive materials as the harsh chemicals can damage the mirror. Moreover, avoid wiping newspapers as well. The ink used in printing will leave residue on the mirror. It may look dirtier than before. The streaks become difficult to clean as well.

In addition, paper towels are also not advised in cleaning LED bathroom mirrors as they carry uncountable lint. You will need to clean the mirror again and gain. Lastly, paper towels promote waste as well.

The Bottom Line

Caring for an LED bathroom mirror is very easy if you know what to do. However, you must turn off the LED lights to prevent unfortunate events. Ensure the mirror does not come in contact with grease and salt because the materials may corrode the mirror.