Bottom mount fridge freezer has become very popular in NZ. They are easier to use than the traditional design, where the freezer is at the top, and the space for cool items is below. Bottom mount is preferred over French side-by-side fridges. As soon as you step into an appliance store, you will be surprised to see the different types of fridges.

Easy access

Fridges that have a freezer on top mean the food items are kept in the lower compartments. Moreover, the fruits and vegetables are kept in the drawer that is at the bottom of the fridge. This is the common layout of the fridge with a traditional design.

The layout is problematic and inconvenient to many people. Old individuals are forced to bend down to pick items. It hurts their back and worsens mobility. In other words, not everyone is flexible and young. When frozen food is at the top, they are accessed less frequently.

Bottom Mount Fridge Freezers: Why They're Ideal for Your Kitchen

More space

The French side-by-side is very pleasing for the aesthetics. The kitchen looks expensive, and everyone compliments the new appliance. However, the design has very limited space. The appliance is divided into two halves. The fridge and freezer are next to each other. Each portion has equal depth and width.

As a result, the user cannot store large items because the space is limited. When buying bottom mount fridge freezer NZ customers are pleased with the ample space. You can store poultry and bags of frozen foods. Moreover, there is no pressure to use things before they go bad.

No more warm air

The previous style of furniture that has a cooling area below the freezer is not as efficient as the new designs. Warmer air is heavier than cooler air. As a result. It will rise. It will continue to rise until it reaches the freezer area. As a result, it works overtime to maintain the low temperature.

When picking the bottom mount fridge freezer NZ customers are surprised by the energy efficiency. The warm air will not reach the freezer because it is at the bottom. The warmer will escape through the ceiling and ensure everything keeps working properly.

the advantages of Bottom Mount Fridge Freezers for your kitchen

Pick the right temperature.

When buying the bottom mount fridge freezer NZ buyers are excited about the temperature settings. The user can adjust the temperatures of the fridge and freezer separately. In other words, the user can personalize the settings for frozen food and fresh food for future use.

Customize the shelves

The truth is that the freezer is less used than the refrigerator. The fridge is used by people every day, while the freezer is reserved for limited use. When buying the bottom mount fridge freezer NZ customers can customize the interior for more space. Furthermore, they can reach the items easily without bending.

A fridge version allows the user to take out the shelves and place them at a custom height. Some fridges have sliding shelves. The modern fridge also has door bins. You can move around the stuff easily without worrying about the freezer.

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