Are you looking for an innovative door that saves space and looks modern at the same time? A wise option is a cavity sliding door that slides into the frame. These doors are excellent for commercial and residential facilities. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Let’s define a cavity sliding door!

A cavity sliding door is installed within a door opening. However, the door has a hidden pocket where it slides against a wall. The door could be made from wooden, glass, or modern methods. Cavity sliding doors are an excellent way to save space in the house. Furthermore, they are even more useful for dividing larger rooms. You can use the cavity sliding doors to create bathrooms, dressing rooms, or home offices.

In short, the cavity sliding doors create partitions in larger rooms. You can create a living and a dining room. In the same manner, you can separate a kitchen from the living area.

use the cavity sliding doors to create bathrooms, dressing rooms, or home offices.

What are the different types of cavity sliding doors?

The advantages of cavity sliding doors depend on the types:

Single Frame

A cavity sliding door with a sliding door has an attractive design. They are increasing in demand because they are available in different sizes and types. You can install the doors in residential and commercial buildings as well. The single design is practical and accessible. It will not obstruct wheelchairs. The door is long-lasting and budget-friendly.

Glass frame

These cavity sliding doors have unframed glass to offer a very appealing design. They are more attractive the opaque doors. The doors are made from tempered glass with a standard thickness to withstand the weight. The sliding doors let more light in as soon as you open the door. You can install glass cavity sliding doors for boardrooms, retail shops, and office buildings.

Frameless doors

Frameless cavity doors have a colored or frosted finish. The doors do not let as much light as in the glass frame. However, they complement natural lighting for a professional or business setting. Furthermore, you can also use your creative ideas to apply to the glass such as motifs, styles, and hues. A frame cavity door is durable and practical.

cavity sliding doors in a modern home setting

Aluminum doors

An aluminum cavity sliding door is designed to meet the architectural requirements of the building. It will increase the curb appeal when such doors are installed in entrances. Aluminum cavity sliding doors are surrounded by stiles a work with different locks. You can customize the finish as well. Aluminum cavity doors are long-lasting and do not rust. They are pre-assembled, which means minimum installation costs.

Double-sided sliding cavity doors

The double-sided doors are also pre-assembled. They are installed in pickets for smooth and easy gliding. As a result, you do not need to apply too much pressure when closing and opening the doors. The double-sided doors are the most space-saving.

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