The energy prices are constantly on the rise. Consequently, the increased utility bills are disturbing the budget. Therefore, it is time to reconsider the use of heating and cooling systems in your business and homes. The heating pumps are crucial for survival in the colder months when the structure becomes chilly.

Therefore, picking the right pump matters a lot because the same device will keep the summer cold for you, too. Now, you must be curious about the heat pump cost NZ. Continue reading to learn about the three types of heat humps in Kiwi structures.

heat pump air conditioner in a modern living room

What is the heat pump cost in NZ?

When studying the heat pump cost NZ residents must factor in the size and type of the system they are installing. The most inexpensive option is the single-split system. Unfortunately, it is not enough to heat your home effectively. However, you make the final decision. The underlying cost of installation factors in the efficiency. If you want the unique to heat the structure for a long time, it will require more energy. As a result, the heat pump cost in NZ rises. Here is the breakdown:

Split System

The installation and purchase of the single split systems will cost you between $1500 to $3500. The split system is the most common for heating pumps that are installed in NZ homes. The system comes with a condenser unit that is placed outside. The unit that handles air is installed inside. It takes the shape of a heater that is mounted on the wall or a fan coil.

Multiple split system

In addition, the multiple split system is at least $4,500. It will factor in the different number of indoor units you need for the house. The system has two or more indoor units that are connected to the power supply. The direct connection ensures reliable use.

Indoor and outdoor units do not have ducts because they use wireless technology to communicate. The multiple-split system is appropriate for bigger homes or commercial buildings that have countless chambers.

a modern living room setting with the heat pump air conditioner

Ducted heating

The ducted system is the most expensive. It will cost you between $25,000 to $35,000. However, it still factors in the size of the home. The ducted version has the same features as the split system. The difference is it has pipes that travel inside the walls, ceilings, or underneath the floor. In other words, the ducted heating does not have a more outdoor unit.

The ducted system is preferred for apartment buildings and townhouses. You can buy a ducted heating system in small houses where installing wires is very expensive.

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